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Changing the hair game.

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Forget everything you know about supermarket hair care. MONDAY was created to disrupt the hair care industry and bring a luxury, modern product to bathrooms around the world. We stepped away from the stock standard hair care branding and created the one of a kind MONDAY; focusing on ultramodern branding with innovative product design. MONDAY rapidly captured media attention with features in American Vogue, Vanity Fair, Forbes, New York Magazine and the New York Post. Deemed 'liquid gold' by some media outlets, MONDAY flew off shelves and took huge market share within its first week of launch, exceeding previous market leaders and changing the hair game. MONDAY now sells 10 bottles every minute around the world, that's 10,000 bottles a day.
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Welcome to Monday mania.
After years of trialling endless hair products from the salon to the supermarket, we saw an unnecessary divide between salon quality and accessibility. So, how could we make salon quality haircare for as many people as possible? That’s when MONDAY was born. A refreshed approach, optimised to work and look fab in all your shelfies. We don’t take shortcuts, we leave out the bad stuff and are proud to be 100% cruelty free. MONDAY is changing the hair game – bringing salon quality to you.
Creating a movement.
Why would you call a brand after the unanimously agreed, worst day of the week? Originality is a strange thing. The goal for Monday was always to create a movement, something new in the industry that made the age-old brands fret. We needed the brand to stand out, be completely different from everything else, in shape, colour, name, shelf presence, and in the brand as a whole. When people think of Monday we hope they now think of the brand not the day of the week. The hard-to-replicate colour is a mix of 3 Pantone's creating a distinct tone known only to the brand. The shape of the bottle itself hadn't been done before in the haircare industry and creates a more sustainable way of packaging for shipments. We created silkscreen labels to forgo plastic adhesive. We embossed the logo so it wouldn't be missed. We stretched the limits of what was known in the supermarket aisle to create a brand that made waves, selling out within weeks of its very first launch.

“A ‘good aesthetic’ is an understatement. Between its soft pink hue and architectural silhouette, the bottles are delightful and practically beg for a shelfie.”

- Forbes, 2021
A little pink bottle.
Over 5 million bottles sold. 6 billion media impressions. 7 markets. 8 beauty awards & nominations. 20+ retailers. 30 million views on TikTok. 180 million reached on Instagram. 270 million facebook impressions . . . all of the back of a little pink bottle.