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Say hello to financial freedom.

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'Saving' as we know it is dead. With almost $1 billion dollars of Kiwi's wealth lost in term deposits every year the way Kiwi's traditionally save is broken. Kernel is different, it's savings reinvented. An online platform and product where your savings work for you, not the other way around. Kernel challenges the current savings system and financial future with the mission of creating a world where all kiwis are wealthier, more financially literate, and good savings and investing behaviours are embedded for future generations. Say hello to financial freedom and start saving with Kernel.
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Anna Hughes
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Illustration - Becca O’Shea
Kernel Wealth
‘Saving’ as you know it is dead.
This is savings reinvented.
Your savings, working for you.
Kernel has a modern take on finance. But not everyone thinks that same way so how do we create a brand that has the credibility of an investment firm with the warmness of a savings bank? Kernel isn't like the others, they are not a big investment firm with a cold and impersonal approach. The personality connects with their customers and evokes feelings of trust, knowledge, and confidence while still being approachable. Kernel is human, like their customers, like the everyday Kiwi. That’s why they are professional but we don’t fill all sentences with jargon. They are experts when it comes to investing but human when it comes to life. Kernel is a challenger at heart but understands that the customer may be more reserved, that's why the design follows a strong system that's approachable, reflects real life, and is human while not being too 'new-age-tech-start-up'.