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Expert Science, Made Simple.

Brand Build
Health By Habit’s mission was to create a supplement range backed by science and inspired by real life. In an industry packed with crowded shelves, magic promises, and pesky fine print, they were pretty sure they weren't the only ones who thought vitamins were confusing. So, Heath by Habit made it their mission to make some that weren't. It's expert science, made simple. With something that suits everyone, we pushed the envelope to create a brand that would make Gen Z actually care about vitamins. It worked. Health by Habit is projected to hit $20 million in retail sales in its first year in the U.S.
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Zuru Edge
Expert science, made simple.
With the mission to create a more simple and painless supplement experience, the design and product had to follow the same tune. We spent hours mulling over the perfect bright, statement colours that would create a shelf of modern supplements ideal for the Gen Z consumer. With a minimal layout, the bottle cuts down the unnecessary material, providing a clean and clear hierarchy to tell you exactly what you are buying and why you're buying it. However, what was most important for us was the words and the tone we said them in. If you read more into the brand you'll find a distinct tone of voice that sets Health by Habit apart from the standard vitamin brands that have previously graced the supermarket shelves.
One-a-day, everyday.
Gone are the days of vitamin organisers and step-by-step guides. Just click, flip, sip, and you’re on your way. We worked to create a new way of taking vitamins with an innovative dispenser that makes the daily dose even easier. Yes, the bottles don't look like anything else in the industry and we planned that. Health by Habit is the new kid on the block and we took a risk in creating a brand that stepped away from all the traditions the vitamin aisle knew - amber medicine bottles, confusing labels, strange ingredients, age-old design, commercials with your grandparents in them, the list goes on. Health by Habit was created to simplify supplements and that meant the brand we built needed to be distinctive, engaging, and even slightly offbeat.

“Never has it been easier to take the perfect dose of medicine thanks to Health by Habit, a new line of supplements that has a unique packaging design that dispenses a single dose with ease.”

- Dieline, 2020